the MacKenzie River way




Taking Care
of our Guests

The safety of our guests is our #1 priority. We provide a clean, safe, and enjoyable dining experience with excellent, friendly service and delicious, fresh food. Taking care of guests is our greatest delight and we love seeing smiling, happy, and full people. 

Taking Care
of Our Community

Environmental and social responsibility are core values of MacKenzie River. We’re committed to giving back to our communities by volunteering and financially supporting education, youth recreation, and many other worthy causes.

Taking Care
of our PEOPLE

Safe and happy… how we like our team members to feel! That’s why we make sure they don’t come to work sick and take time to rest. We know people thrive in a workplace environment that is vibrant, full of performance-based opportunities and dedicated to teamwork. We strive for a “work hard, play hard” culture at MacKenzie River. 

Taking care
of Our Planet

Taking care of the environment has been a top priority for us for over 25 years. We work to reduce waste, conserve energy + water, and recycle. Some examples include turning monitors off overnight, fixing leaky faucets, using pre-consumer food waste to feed local farm animals, offering straws only upon request + much more.